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Medical Technology Connected

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LifeGait, Inc. was incorporated in November of 2015 to leverage the
Internet of Things, big data and its patented gait technology to provide
health and safety products to the mass market.

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Our BKG™ Platform

Identifying and detecting informative measurements

  • Collects human motion using Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
  • Connects this information through the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Creates New Concussion Assessment Technologies
SportGait, inc

First to Market

SportGait is our first commercial application of patented gait technology

SportGait’s consortium goals are to establish efficient, reliable, and scalable collaboration to:

  • Predictive Validity Testing at Baseline (sandbagging)
  • Diagnose Concussion
  • Predict Recovery of Concussion
  • Understand Comorbidities of Concussion Recovery
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Picture of Doctor giving a patient a check-up with an overlay of Screenshot of SportGait Battery Results

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